The Holiness of God

MCA Church Greatest Hits is one of our most relational and relaxed weekend worship experiences. I am a total raving fan of this 5:30 PM Jazz based evening of worship and study. LOVE it! You are always invited to meet us upstairs at 6901 DeBarr Road each Saturday evening.TheHolinessofGod-2009_620x348

We are preparing to enter forty days of fasting and prayer as we posture our hearts for powerful events in the life of Jesus. To help us I have selected one of my all time favorite sermon series (truly a Greatest Hit), “The Holiness of God” by R.C. Sproul.

February 27     The Holiness of God: The Importance of Holiness

March 1            The Holiness of God: The Trauma of Holiness

March 8            The Holiness of God: Holiness and Justice

March 15          The Holiness of God: The Insanity of Luther

March 22          The Holiness of God: The Meaning of Holiness

You are invited and wanted.  For further information, please contact Blaine at 907.337.9495

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