The Joany Bazemo Elementary School and Operation Boaz

We are making a difference! Together we are continuing the ministry of Jesus in our world of today. Burkina Faso is one of our major ministry priorities. Many of our Burkinabe friends are among what society may call “the least of these.” To us they are the greatest, but to many they are forgotten, marginalized, and their voice is not heard.

By God’s grace the late Pastor Joany Bazemo and our congregation launched the Boaz Operation. With the goal of educating 1,000 Burkinabe with life giving knowledge and an experience with Jesus, we set this ministry in motion.

With Pastor Joany too busy in heaven to help us here, we continue to develop this crucial ministry. Joany was our Boaz Operation founder, CEO, CFO, Director, and everything else.

Even with all of our unexpected restructuing, due to Pastor Joany’s surprise death, God is moving the Boaz Operation forward.

Look at the following picture and rejoice with me! These precious students are the first year of the Boaz Operation’s scholarship program in Doudou, Burkina Faso ({Pastor Joany’s home village). Glory to God!

The Boaz Operation also provided scholarships to approximately 100 students at another school. Pictures will be forthcoming on that scholarship program.

What a victory has come even in a season of tremendous loss!

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