The Joy of His Glory

The Templo Cristiano Missions Convention is going very well. Faith is growing for a year of effective missionary funding, praying, traveling, and living. God is good.

Our theme, “Receiving Holy Spirit Power, We Are Witnesses,” has been opening for us crucial lines of scriptural principles. It is a tremendous joy to be chosen by God to receive power, witness, and cooperate with Him in redeeming humanity. Further, the joy of living by faith is unparalleled. It is, in one way, rather simple; Biblical faith pleases God. Pleasing God produces deep joy.

Today’s talk is titled, “The Joy of His Glory.” Seeing the glory of the Lord upon his people produces abiding joy. We have been chosen by God for a life of faith and we live that life out in His glory.

God’s glory is a theme of mine when i travel and speak. My goal is to introduce my understanding (limited as it is) of God’s glory and spark the related Tabernacle Prayer movement in 100 countries during my life time.

Receiving the Holy Spirit’s Power, We Are Witnesses
The Joy of His Glory

Our convention theme has taken us to the joy of being chosen to receive the Spirit’s power, the joy of then living by faith, and now to the joy of experiencing God’s amazing glory.

It is in God’s glory that we have things to witness.

This is part of my journey with God.

1. I became aware that there is more in God than what I am experiencing.
2. I became hungry for greater depth in my Christian faith.
3. I longed for the supernatural that I see in several of our early Pentecostal brothers and sisters.

A Trail of God’s Glory

1. God’s Glory in the Garden. Genesis 3:8
2. God’s Glory on the Tabernacle. Exodus 40::34-36
3. God’s Glory on Solomon’s Temple. II Chronicles 7: 1-3
4. God’s Glory on Jesus. John 1:1-14
5. God’s Glory on the newly redefined temple, which is the fully devout follower of Jesus Christ. II Corinthians 3:16

Let’s track with the Glory of God through a variety of Bible passages:

1. The glory of the Lord at the birth of Christ. “And the Glory of the Lord shown around about them.” Luke 2:9
2. Wedding at Cana. John 2:11
3. The Resurrection of Lazarus. John 11
4. The Resurrection of Jesus. Romans 6:4
5. God’s supply. Philippians 4:19

As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we must revisit the ministry through the lens of the Glory of God. II Corinthians 3:7-4:18

1. Since the ministry that brought death and was engraved on stone came with glory, should not the current ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious? Vs. 7
2. Since the ministry that condemns is glorious, should not the ministry that brings righteousness have more glory? Vs. 9
3. Since the fading glory was glorious, should not the ministry that lasts have a greater glory? Vs. 11
4. Do we follow in Moses’ example and place a veil over our once glorious faces so that our people can not gaze on our face while the glory is fading away? Vs. 12
5. Let’s allow the Spirit of the Lord to come and bring freedom from the hiding. Vs. 17
6. We will reflect God’s glory if we live with an unveiled face. Vs. 18
7. Being in his glory with unveiled faces produces transformation into Christ’s likeness. Vs. 18
8. We become people of ever-increasing glory. Vs. 18

Having received the Spirit’s power we realize, with Moses in Exodus 33:18, that it is useless to “go up from here” without the Glory of The Lord.

As we “go into all the world, in the authority of Jesus, to make disciples of all nations, we go in the awareness of God’s great glory.

Truly it is “The joy of His glory.”

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