The New MCA Weekend Ministry Hot Sheet

The MCA Church’s newest addition to our communication processes is the Weekend Hot Sheet. Me thinks this to be a very scorching (hot) communication notion.

Each weekend, in all of our services (12 this weekend), you will receive the Weekend Hot Sheet. The amount of information there will be timely and helpful. ONLY those things that we think are SUPER important will be included. It must be HOT to be included.

The Weekend Hot Sheet will include Quick Response Codes (QR Codes). A QR Code is very helpful for directing your smartphone, tablet device, or computer directly to online content. Within seconds of scanning a QR Code, your device will have all of the information that MCA Church has made available.

For instance, this weekend’s message notes, Bible passages, and response forms are all available for your smartphone, tablet device, or computer. When you receive your MCA Church Weekend Hot Sheet, simply scan the QR Code and all of the notes, Bible references, and response forms will be on your personal device.

Are you visiting with us? Scan the Guest QR Code and you can submit your guest information, if you so desire.

Want more information on the upcoming Youth and Children’s Leadership Summit? Scan the QR Code and the Summit’s web information is almost instantly on your device.

In addition to having a system that is helpful to you, we think that using far less paper is good for our Great Alaskan environment.

Click on the link below to see this weekend’s hot sheet (My notes are not submitted yet).

April 15

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