The New Most Often Asked Question

The most common question I am receiving right now is, “Why are you riding a bike rather than driving?” It’s a rather simple answer. “I don’t have another vehicle.” Maybe a more helpful question is, “Why did I sell my vehicle?” I made the decision to sell for several reasons.

  • Why drive to a health club to exercise when walking or riding to my various locations is far less expensive? I definitely need the exercise.
  • Why pay for gasoline when walking or riding is free and is better for me in the first place?
  • Sometimes, as people age, they lose their sense of balance. Biking may help me keep a sense of balance further into my lifetime.
  • For 39 years MCA Church has graciously provided my transportation as part of my pay package. Following Paula’s battle with cancer, the church vehicle I drove was in need of replacement. Our plan was for Paula to recover while using a camper given to us by a friend. For this reason, the MCA Board of Directors provided us with a FABULOUS truck. Strong enough to pull a trailer. Luxurious enough to not bounce Paula around on bumpy roads. However, a couple of friends asked me, “How does driving such a fancy vehicle align with your lifetime sentence of “Live simply so others can simply live?” At that point, I decided I would rather walk or ride than have people misunderstand my motives. For years, I have heard the Lord ask me, “Will you be poor, if that is what it takes to reach the poor?” My answer then and now is, “Yes.” Currently, my vehicle isn’t nicer or more luxurious than anyones. The poorest of the poor, if they have a vehicle, are ahead of me. And, I like it. No. I love it.

There is NO sense that anyone else should do as I have done. I have zero thought that my choice should be imitated. Sometimes, I think my own family questions my sanity :0)

As a teenager, I would sing my favorite song. “It’s my desire to live for Jesus, it’s my desire to live for him. Though often I have failed, and brought him much shame, it’s my desire to live for him. So you can take the world’s wealth and riches, I don’t need earth’s fame. It’s my desire, to live for him.” For now, I hope I can endure a little inclement weather, a few feet of snow, and a few degrees below zero and still get where I need to go.

My friend was talking with several other pastors. In their conversation they began to compare watches. The least expensive watch in the group was $75,000. An evangelist showed his watch to another friend of mine…….$750,000. Three of my friends fly on private jets. One friend has a Rolls Royce. Another friend has several Ferraris. For all of them, I am delighted. I very much enjoy watching their lifestyles and luxury is very cool.

I hope they can enjoy my 29 inch TimberJack Salsa.

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