The One Month to Live Challenge: Day Seven

Thawing out frozen dreams is our mediation today.  The notion of frozen dreams carries with it immobility, lifelessness, coldness, chilled, and other rather negative influences upon one’s dreams.

Does your day to day activity demonstrate active progress toward the fulfillment of your dreams?

As the ice melts away from your dreams, you realize that they are so big that only with God’s help will you make any progress at all.  Faith becomes the life of your dreams.  If God doesn’t do most of the action, you will not succeed.  You are totally reliant upon Him.

The enemy of your dreams (the Evil One) has a dream killing plan for you.  He comes to steal, kill, and destroy you, your life, and the living you are putting into your life.  To live by faith is to destroy your enemy’s designs upon your dreams.

Get those frozen dreams off the freezer shelf and let them come to full life!

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