The Prodigal Son Model of Repentance

I have been teaching on the subject of repentance and forgiveness and it dawned on me……..I have never heard a teaching on how to repent. Hundreds of times I have listened to well crafted messages on our need to humble ourselves before the Holy God in contrition and repentance, but never a simple message on how to do just that.

Although we see many people repenting throughout the Scriptures, the repentance of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 provides a model for us today. When you need to repent, consider (what I am calling) The Prodigal Son Model of Repentance.

1. First, I come to my senses about the fact that I have sinned. Luke 15:17
2. I set out to “go back” to the one I have injured. Luke 15:18
3. I plan my confession of sin. Luke 15:18, 19
4. Notice, that the compassion of the one injured is not a reason to cease the repentance process. Luke 15:20
5. I identify, specifically, those who have been injured by my sin. Luke 15:21
6. I address, verbally and specifically, those whom I have injured by my sin. Luke 15:21
7. I address, verbally and specifically, that my sin has damaged the relationship and I am not deserving of forgiveness, but I would certainly enjoy seeing the relationship restored. Luke 15:21

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