The Spectacle of a Sprinkler

Nothing quite shouts that you are living local like gardening and caring for your lawn. Maybe it is because hands in the mud is about as close to rootedness as a human can become.

It interests me that the Bible both opens and closes in a Garden. God, it seems, loves to garden. Kind of strange isn’t it – God’s hands in the mud?

I know it is a bit crazy. Maybe totally nuts. Off the chart bizarre. But one of my favorite things is to work on our lawn, mow, weed, trim, and then watch the sprinkler water the blades with life giving moisture. It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I totally enjoy watching our lawn in the watering process.

As we navigate our summer theme, “Live Local,” there are lessons from the Master Gardener. Interesting, isn’t it, that God, in His Omnipresence, is always local. He is never there. He is always here. We have here and there. God has here and here.

I wonder if God is watering something in my life today and if He gets a kick out of watching the Sprinkler?

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