The T-shirt Factory

Pastor Billy, with the influence of Howard, has launched an in house small business; making graphic t-shirts.  Our youth leadership team think it is good for our students to learn economics, entreprenuership, sales, work, productivity, and a host of other learnings a small business can provide.  Often youth ministries raise missions and other types of funds through non-work related events.  Work and non-work related funding mechanisms are both of value.  However, we hope to emphasize work related funding mechanisms for our youth.

If you would like to invest in the business training of our youth, please make a contribution to the MCA T-shirt project.  Your gifts will help cover the costs of ink, materials, and equipment.

Next weekend everyone who has completed the Bible in 90 Days will receive a beautiful certificate of completion and their 90 Days of Fitness t-shirt.

Special thanks to Howard for giving this idea form, shape, and productivity.


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