The Time of Prayer

Jesus, our Lord, was much involved in the practice of prayer. Virtually everything in Jesus’ life and ministry was preceded, covered, and followed by prayer. Some times people irritate me because the are texting throughout an entire meal, worship service, or conversation. Can’t you talk with the people in front of you without taking time to text someone else?
Jesus’ prayer life was a bit like these folks texting. Jesus prayed during meals, conversations, instead of sleeping, night, lunchtime, and morning. He simply had to talk with His Dad.
It would be good for me to increase my talks with His Dad too.
Fire in the Fall, our four night spiritual emphasis, is specifically designed to provide plenty of prayer time. This evening the prayer space was filled with folks “texting” their communications to Jesus’ Father. Go ahead. Say a prayer in the middle of anything and everything you are doing today. I think it is called, “Pray without ceasing.”

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