The Veaters

Judy Veater’s father was honored in a memorial service at the Calvary Church in an upbeat, positive, and thankful collection of comments and songs.

Melvin Beachy was known to serve the Lord through almost every kind of local church ministry as well as personal ministry in his home and neighborhood.

Gary, Judy, Bethany, and Miles are indications of the greatness of this man.  His lineage is filled with adults of Christ-like character with servant hearts.

Not to mention every Veater I know is brilliant.  Judy operates a family payroll firm, Gary is a math teacher at Service High School, Bethany is a graduate of Southwestern University and is the world’s greatest youth ministry sponsor, and Miles is taking some genius level program at the University level.  It is about time for Einstein and Hawking to move aside for a brilliant mind full of faith in God.

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