The Word

My reflection upon Jesus as The Word is providing insights I have never seen before. The Word is more expansive and infused into everything than I have previously imagined.

Genesis 1 reveals God as The Speaker, Jesus as the Speech, and The Holy Spirit as the Speaker and Speech’s Breath. Without a doubt, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are The Communicators. Creation is a Divine communication. The nature of The Word shows up in everything that is living and that exists. The Human Genome Project shows that the Word is visible in the 3 billion base pairs of the haploid human genome. The building blocks of DNA are abbreviated with A, T, C, and G. Three of these building block pair with three of these building blocks and the result is a three/three base pair. There are over 3 billion of these base pairs that make up the chromosome. All of this information is in every cell of your body!

Notice the words selected by geneticists to describe this genome.

“To get an idea of the size of the human genome present in each of our cells, consider the following analogy: If the DNA sequence of the human genome were compiled in books, the equivalent of 200 volumes the size of a Manhattan telephone book (at 1000 pages each) would be needed to hold it all.

It would take about 9.5 years to read out loud (without stopping) the 3 billion bases in a person’s genome sequence. This is calculated on a reading rate of 10 bases per second, equaling 600 bases/minute, 36,000 bases/hour, 864,000 bases/day, 315,360,000 bases/year.”

The Word is reflected in the genome. Notice the “Word” sightings in this piece, “if the DNA sequence of the human genome were compiled in books.” Why would they say, “compiled in books?” because they are the “words” of creation.

Since the genome is creation’s “words” the next quote suggests that it would take about 9.5 years of “reading” without stopping, to read this code. All of this information was woven into Adam by God, the Speaker, Jesus, the Speech, and The Holy Spirit, the Breath!!!

You are a unique novel created by God! No two God created novels are exactly the same. You are a one of a kind. A novel novel. :0)

In a sense, you, at the core of your being, are a novel and yet you are also an author! You are writing your life. It seems to me that you and God are writing the “base pairs” of your life. Exciting!

There are many thoughts that come out of this perspective, one of which is very simple: What you say and how you say it really, really matters. Language is crucial.

Today, while studying these concepts, I revisited Adam and Eve’s temptation. The attack was purposefully designed to undermine God, Jesus, and The Spirit, as Speaker, Speech, and Breath. Notice the tempters approach, “Did God really say?” In other words, is the Speaker, the Speech, and the Breath to be trusted? The tempters’ answer is simple, “No! Don’t trust the Speaker, Speech, and Breath. Pick up your own pen and write your own life novel.”

The Apostle Paul knew all of this long before genomes were ever considered. “You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” 2 Corinthians 3:3

In my opinion, you want to align your pen with the pen of God to write a “best seller” with your life.

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