There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Enjoyed lunch today with Gary Morton, Pastor of the Anchorage First Assembly of God Pacific Rim Outreach and Life Change Center. Good friends are part of the joy in life. What do friends do? Friends understand, care, listen, bless, encourage, believe, feel with, feel for, have faith, provide hope, and demonstrate love.

To my knowledge our lunch didn’t rock the planet. No one was saved or filled with the Spirit. No money was raised and no new missionaries sent out. No life changing and brilliant ideas were developed. No new sermon ideas and no new counseling techniques were discovered.

Just lots of understanding, care, listening, blessing, encouragement, believing, faithing, hoping, and loving. Maybe this is life. Is the purpose of life……… Unlike Plato, I don’t think life is a shadow to be seen on a cave wall. The reality isn’t somewhere else that needs to be discovered.

What if the purpose of life is to have life as the purpose?

Of Jesus it is said, “In Him was life!” I can almost imagine a modern day metro-Christian sitting with Jesus at lunch. “Jesus, what is the purpose of life?” she asks. “I am!” He replies.

Life, it turns out, is a Person.


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