Thinking about Theology

In one way, theology impacts every aspect of life. In other ways, it is an entirely different deal altogether.

I hold to particular views of soteriology, Bibliology, anthropology, eschatology, and a few other “ologies.”

However, I am not sure how God and the NFL intersect or the role sovereignty plays in accidents or how involved God is when the human DNA is developing.

I don’t have a theology of sports or beauty or details of birth. Why were you born in a wealthy country with plenty of natural resources to provide for your food while others were born in dusty, parched, and dehydrated deserts?

What if “theology” has become too big of a concept? Do we really need a theology of cancer? Can we require a theology of technology? Should we pursue a theology of over-population?

Maybe theology is a discipline and dance of the mind, heart, and soul in relationship with God.

Maybe we demand too much of theology and in so doing miss the joy of keeping in step with the One who rejoices over us with singing and maybe forcing theology on everything is a self-protective measure that guards us from falling head over heels in love with Jesus.

Paul said, “I know whom I have believed.” I think it is significant that he DIDN’T say, “I know what I have believed.”

The Bible doesn’t say why my Seattle Seahawks seem to always lose the big game. It never mentions ADHD or Autism or car wrecks.

BUT! It does weave for us a theology of God’s love, presence, grace, and power.

Maybe we should drop an extreme emphasis upon arguments about God and just fall into his arms and lovingly dance with Him.

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