This Week’s Pastor Kent FAQ

“Hey, Pastor, what is the response you are getting from your weekend message? ” Well, I am glad you asked. I touched on subjects that are deeply held in the core value system of the Christian and made effort to apply Jesus’ Beatitudes. My previous two blogs explain my stance on the use of non-violence in experiences of religious persecution.

Almost all of the responses have been very favorable, two have sought further information on my statements and one response was unfavorable. I will quote four responses for your interest.

Pastor Kent, “That was the best message I have ever heard.”

Pastor Kent, “It was not practical and it was most definitely “nanny state”, “liberalism.”… However, to subject your people to this pure and utter non-sense is inexcusable…. This is really a very serious matter and most discouraging, however in some levity I will say, I have too much respect for the hymnal to have chanced damaging it!!!!!”

Pastor Kent, “I agree with you………….I think.”

Pastor Kent, “I have often wondered of the dilemma between “thou shalt not kill” and “Kill em for the Lord.” I thought you did a particularly good job of dancing a tricky step. It was very easy to understand the contrast of when to fight and when not to.”

Practicing non-violence in the face of religious persecution is my understanding of the teaching and life style of our Lord. The Assemblies of God position paper on Civil Disobedience reads as follows: “…to which they may participate in nonviolent and peaceful acts of intervention.” Our civil disobedience and our response to persecution are to be nonviolent and peaceful acts of intervention.

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