Through His Eyes

Fasting and prayer have a way of dialing the soul into the heart of God.

Can you watch an NCAA Division I March Madness game without wondering if the young athletes are right with God? Do you see the women and men in your company lunch cafeteria and nearly weep because some of them are still away from relationship with their Father? Ever watch the children in your neighborhood and pray that these delightful children will come to trust in Christ as Savior as soon as possible? Does your spirit grieve when you drive past a local rest home, assisted living facility, or senior center because you are aware that many of the residents don’t have saving faith?

Fasting and prayer have a way of messing up your view of things.

Somehow the spiritual condition of those you see becomes more important than ever before.

I have said, “Missionaries fast and pray more than most Christians.” However, I am beginning to think that “Christians who fast and pray become missionaries.”

Let’s fast and pray for South Central Alaska and go with the work of God to make us missionaries to this great state.

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