To the Nations!

Dave, Becky, and Ephraim are leaving MCA Church, and I couldn’t be happier!!! Well, I am not happy they are leaving but I am overjoyed that they are following the call of God upon their lives for ministry in the Philippine Islands. MCA Church is infused with great people from the Philippines. I can not imagine leading our assembly without our dear Filipino and Filipina members.

The Taylors are a huge part of the MCA Church. Their ministry among us has been tenured and varied. Currently Dave and Becky are ministering as the Service Leads of MCA Church’s Greatest Hits. They are EXTREMELY helpful.

For many years David and Becky have been preparing to participate in Church planting in the Philippines. They own a home, are connected with a local assembly, and have already begun the church planting processes.

Sunday evening, April 22, Dave and Becky will talk with our congregation and then we will call the Elders of the church and those assembled to officially send the Taylors from Anchorage to the Philippines. We already have Missionary Associate, Sean Gordon, in the Philippines and look forward to sending more folks, as God leads.

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