Today, I gave away my life!

I love to give and the better the gift the more fulfilled I am.  So I’m on a quest to give the best gift.  Let’s take gifts that are not material out of the equation (love, joy, hope, peace, etc.) and see what may end up in the top five gifts I can give.

“The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide (The Bible)” states, “The life is in the blood.”  God made Adam.  By God’s personal action Adam became a living being.  All human life can be traced to God’s making Adam’s blood alive.  My natural life is from God’s blood and my spiritual life is from God’s blood.

Personally, I have a theology of blood donation.  Recently I told the phlebotomist, “Did you know that a blood donation saved my life?”  She couldn’t believe it.  “Wow!  I am impressed.  May I ask what caused you to need the blood?”  “Yes,”  I replied.  “The Donor was Jesus on the cross and the need was caused by sin.”  “That is beautiful.  I have never thought of it that way before,” she said.

Yes, I did give my life away today.  Not all of it.  Only about 600 grams.


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