Toward an understanding of the mark of the beast

If you know me well, this post will make you smile…..simply because I rarely dive into conversations related to John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ. There are people far more insightful, cogent, and knowledgeable than me.

However, my two cents worth follows.

In my view, Revelation 13:1-10 reveals a reality, both now and future, with the moniker “A Beast.” “A Beast” is followed by “Another Beast (Revelation 13:11) rising out of the earth.”

The first beast of Revelation 13, from my perspective, is not a person (anti-Christ), a country (Rome), or a religion (Catholic church). I understand the first beast to be a global system. People, countries, and religions will cooperate and align with the global beast system, almost unwittingly, yet the beast is not a person, country, or religion.

The beast system is:

  • Blasphemous – Revelation 13:1
  • Empowered, enthroned, and finds authority from the dragon (Lucifer) – Revelation 13:2
  • Severely wounded but makes an amazing global comeback – Revelation 13:3
  • All pervasive and powerful…people ask, “Who can fight against it?” Revelation 13:4
  • Blasphemes God and His dwelling – Revelation 13:5, 6
  • A warrior against and conqueror of the saints (holy ones) – Revelation 13:7
  • Given (by the dragon, Lucifer) authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation – (a reversal of Jesus’ statement, “All authority has been given unto me, go therefore…) – Revelation 13:7
  • Worshiped (receives loyalty, adoration, appreciation, reverence) – Revelation 13:8

The Holy Spirit urges, through the inspired Apostle John, those who have an ear, to hear. In the midst of it all, you and I are to hear and in hearing we are to practice patient endurance (Revelation 13:10).

I understand the first beast of Revelation 13 to be a global system.

The second beast of Revelation 13, in my view, is the mechanism of accomplishing the agenda and work of the first beast. In other words, the second beast gets the work done for the first beast.

The second beast of Revelation 13, in my understanding, is the worker bee of the global system. This worker bee is shown to be:

  • Verbally similar to the dragon (Lucifer) – Revelation 13:11
  • Exercising the authority of and causing people to worship the first beast – Revelation 13:12
  • Demonstrative of shocking and surprising signs – Revelation 13:14
  • The great deceiver of people – Revelation 13:14
  • Giving life and breath and voice to the beast system – Revelation 13:15
  • The requirer of a bodily marking (the first beast’s name or number) on the right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell – Revelation 13:16, 17

I caused no small stir by posting a photo of me in a hospital parking lot with the words, “This is what it looks like to be in the parking lot rather than in an important medical appointment with my wife because I haven’t received the beast system’s cellular markings.”

Lord, have mercy.

Within minutes my messaging apps lit it up. “Do you really believe the vaccinated have received the mark of the beast?” Simply put, “No!”

I intentionally wrote a two-component phrase:

  • The beast system
  • Cellular markings.

Yes, I perceive the first beast (the beast system) of Revelation 13 to be preparing the entire globe for future actions. The beast system is more significantly postured and empowered than we can imagine and is pounce ready (like a roaring lion).

For the first time in history, there is expansive talk of limiting the buying, selling, and travel of those who do not receive a synthetic (although the genomic code is expressed from an unborn infant) messenger protein that is laboratory built to change the cellular activity of every cell in the human body. From my perspective, this is deserving, of extreme caution.

WWJT? What Would John Think?

Since I can’t say for sure, let’s ask him. “Apostle John, we have a question for you. Is what is happening now worthy of the wisdom you urge us to develop at the end of your “two beasts” chapter (Revelation 13)? For us to buy and sell and travel, we might be required to receive a synthetic messenger (mRNA) that reproduces itself in every cell in our bodies and changes the messages sent to our DNA. Is this even remotely in the ballpark of what you had in mind when you wrote your vision of buying, selling, and being marked?”

Again, do I believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast? NO! Is the beast system using the current pandemic for its diabolical ends? YES!

I believe the Apostle John would simply give the same guidance he gave in Revelation 13:18.

“This calls for wisdom.”

And that is my two cents worth.

6 thoughts on “Toward an understanding of the mark of the beast”

  1. Pastor Kent, I believe you are on the right track, I said this in the beginning and truly cannot see this in any other light , if only people would read The Word they would see the tell tale signs . So in light of this what do we do ? Well I will continue being a doer of God’s word and when the Church leaves I pray that I am with it.

    1. Hi Troy, Thank you for taking time to reply to my post. Your love for God, His word, and His people is an inspiration. I hope to post soon on the matter of a multi-disciplinary approach to truth. In the case of the pandemic, conservative Christian thinkers have not been invited equally to the “truth” table.

  2. I’ve suspected there was a system in place to deceive the population. We are so open to the whims of politics that our nation has divided itself into 2+ camps. Our only hope is Jesus.

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