Transition for a Trans-generational Ministry

Our worship community loves the ministry of Alan Ross. Alan’s ministry is always a fresh and invigorating word of hope and favor. Today he launched a five part series on transitioning for a trans-generational ministry. Specifically, we began to understand the promises of God to Moses were received by Joshua.

Joshua 1:1 sets the stage for this trans-generational transition by mentioning the death of Moses. Alan opened for us the notion that many things in our current paradigm must also die. Ways we do church, approaches to our relationship with God, and how we relate to each other, may all have components that need to die or fade away.

There is a new mindset coming to folks in this transition. The transition may come with fear and nervousness. However, just as there is resurrection following the cross, there is life following the departure of the former world view.

Following the services Sunday, Alan prayed with several folks.




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