Language limits.  Some things are beyond the current language capacities and new words must be generated.  Thus, I have coined the word thread twission.  In the thread are things like twission, twissionary, twissionize, etc.

Here is how twission came to be.

I was listening to a weekend talk in our Greatest Hits service.  The speaker was Joyce Meyer and she was hitting a home run.  In the course of the talk she said, “Complain and remain.  Praise and be raised.”  It was so helpful, I decided it needed to be on twitter.

Within minutes folks were twittering back that they needed to hear that sentence at that specific time.  The next week, I twittered Joyce’s sentence, “Your past does not determine your future if you walk by faith.”  Same result.  People were blessed.

Then it hit me.

How about encouraging the MCA worship community to twitter, text, facebook, etc. during the church services , anything that they think would be a blessing to their circle of friendships.  Sort of like a micro-blogging missions trip.

Oh, there it is.  Tw from twitter plus ission from mission equals twission.

Already I am hearing exceedingly positive results from MCA’s first twission trip.

I guess you all love being twissionaries.

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