And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. Luke 21:34

Increasingly, I am concerned for my generation, RIGHT NOW, being unaware. Unaware biblically. Unaware theologically. Unaware prophetically.

It feels as if none of us ever rang the melodious tune, “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning.” Masses of church goers, in my view, are living as if no biblical warnings or guidance exists for times like these.

Yes, my view isn’t popular. In honor of those who disagree with me, I have been quiet for several months. However, when I stand before God, I will not answer for your view, the view of a denomination, or influential friends. I will give account for the use of my voice and platform for my sense of what is coming in the days ahead. I am surely no prophet, but these concepts are “like a fire shut up in my bones.”

I provide pastoral care and oversight for approximately 60 congregations on several continents (if each congregation averages only 100 people, that is 6,000 God loved sheep). For each precious person under my influence, I can not be silent.

  1. Life, as we know it, will continue to become more difficult with each passing season, for at least 18 months.
  2. As best you are able, have extra cash on hand, in a safe place.
  3. Have mobility options – ways to get from point A to point B without fuel.
  4. Be prepared for normal communication system disruptions – have creative ways to communicate.
  5. Have extra food on hand –
  6. Have a way to generate a small amount of electrical power.
  7. Have as much of your medicines on hand as your doctor will allow.

In brief, my take is, “Be ready for disruptions at every level.”

Now for the fun and exciting component of what i see ahead.

  1. With glorious anticipation, lift up your head, because your redemption draweth nigh.
  2. Be prepared for some AMAZING time with your family and church family, especially in homes.
  3. Be prepared for the most effective ministry of your life as you show those around the AMAZING peace of Christ.
  4. Be prepared for a shifting of personal priorities – different things will be most important than in the past.

My guidance is simple and extremely easy to do.

  1. Watch
  2. Pray
  3. Prepare

That God allows you and I to be alive in this time in history is a delight beyond compare. We are placed here for “such a time as this.”

I pray for you, and ask you to pray for me, “that our faith fail not.”

To the MCA collection of congregations, “LET’S ROLL!” In Christ, “This is our finest hour.”

6 thoughts on “UNAWARE”

  1. Perceptive and timely words of wisdom. Thank you Pastor Kent, for your attentiveness to the Holy Spirit and your godly leadership.

  2. Sharon Marchand

    Wisdom comes with age. I agree with your perspective. We should watch pray and prepare. A very timely message.

  3. Sandra McQueen

    Amen! Thank you for your faithfulness to what the Holy Spirit has for you to do in the body. You bring great encouragement when I have the same sense of what to do but see the same mystifying ability to be unaware in my Godly friends and family. This was so timely and such a welcome confirmation, thank you!

  4. A timely message to move from being complacent and unaware to being attentive and aware. To move our faith from inaction to action in these times. Thank you Pastor Redfearn.

  5. I totally agree with your perspective. Since turn of the decade, my family has been prepared as it is so obvious to me what is happening in the world. Not knowing when Christ will return but all signs point to His coming. Until then be prepared.

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