Unleashing Kingdom Capacities

Following are the message notes for my talk, “Identity: MCA Church Assists in Unleashing Kingdom Capacities.” The goal of the message is to teach the power of God in and through our lives by His word and His Spirit.

Identity: MCA Church Assists in Unleashing Kingdom Capacities

The character of MCA Church’s identity includes:

• PURPOSE | Exploration
The faith to pursue your full potential
• MISSION | Communication
Invite people to what’s next
• OFFER | Experience
The real presence of God
• CAUSE | Supply
A way forward

As a local congregation we assist in unleashing the capacities of God’s kingdom in you and through you.

Upon placing your personal trust in Jesus for salvation, the power of the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit are activated in your life.
• The Bible – Matthew 13:1-9
• The Holy Spirit – Titus 3:5, Romans 8:11

Check out the kingdom capacity to be unleashed in you according to Ephesians 4:9-13.

Now let us consider unleashing the capacities of the kingdom through you.

• We are sent to further establish God’s kingdom. John 20:21
• Similarly to the 72 of Luke 10:1-8, we are sent to further establish God’s kingdom.
• Notice they were sent to the places Jesus was “about to go.”

In AD 100 there were approximately 1 Christian for every 360 people on earth. Today the ratio is approximately 1 Christian for every 3 people on earth.

The kingdom capacities unleashed through Peter to the Jews, Paul to the Gentiles, Thomas to India, and Philip to the Ethiopian are legendary.

The unleashing of the capacities of the Kingdom are both in and through you. Through you, John 14:12 teaches, God will do greater things.

May God unleash the kingdom’s full capacities in and through you this week!

MCA Church LIFE Groups

Connecting with Each Other

1. Is this your first MCA Church LIFE Group quarter?
2. What do you hope LIFE Group accomplishes for you?
3. Please share your name and the length of time you have been part of the MCA Church worship community.

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Message

1. Where did Jesus send the 72? Luke 10:1
2. Are you sent there too?
3. Consider the Engle Scale of the Spiritual Decision Process
-8 Awareness of Supreme Being but no effective knowledge of Gospel
-7 Initial awareness of Gospel
-6 Awareness of the basics of the Gospel
-5 Grasp of the implications of the Gospel
-4 Positive attitude toward the Gospel
-3 Personal problem recognition
-1 Repentance and faith in Christ
+1 Post-decision evaluation
+2 Incorporation into a local Christian body
+3 Conceptual and behavioral growth: a. communion with God, b.
stewardship, c. reproduction
4. Select one or two of the people or places to whom God is sending you and determine, the best you can, where they are on the scale.
5. What of the capacities of the Kingdom IN you (The Bible and the Holy Spirit) may God use to develop his Kingdom through you?

1. Please pray for your friends that you considered through the Engle Scale.
2. Please pray for “Welcome Home,” the MCA Church Children’s outreach on September 30.

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