A highly trained medical professional has just reached into the womb of your wife and killed your baby.

You had heard that some medical professionals and medical ethicists urge such procedures so that the world would be free of children whose chromosomes may have come together in a way that may cause your child to have some unwanted condition.

It is, however, the first time you have heard that the unwanted condition is “an orientation to conservative Christian values.”

You are shocked because you knew that a panel of nine judges ruled, long ago, that the issue isn’t whether your baby should live or die, but whether mom “wants” the child. It never crossed your mind that the climate would morph to the place of “does the public want the child.”

Never before had you imagined, even though choice and wanted-ness is your country’s god, that the public could, against all your fighting and legal action, kill your baby because THEY determined YOUR child was “unwanted.”

Unwanted by whom? Unwanted by THEM.

Someone once said, “The reality of the Jewish people went something like this: First, you can not live like Jews among us. Then, you can not live like Jews. Finally, you can not live.”

Suddenly it hits you. Maybe all of the things you had been hearing like, “You can not have a Bible study in your home because your house isn’t zoned properly and your Church can not take a political position because it is a violation of the IRS code,” were all early indicators that soon they would tell you, “Your baby can not live. She is cute and adorable, but she has a high likelihood of an orientation to conservative Christian values.”

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