Update from Max and Mereoni Wiltshire

I just received the following from Max and Mereoni. Enjoy.

2008 High-lights.

A big year has many High-lights, so here goes, a general oversight of the last twelve months. Our year started with the whole family moving to Syd NSW to work on our family/work bus and get it up and working, and we did, and it is proving to be a absolute blessing to the work of AAO, as we are on the road full-time. We were 3 months on this project, and I will send some snaps of the finished article. Many things happened during this time on the bus, and it had to be the Lords hand to make it all turn out so good, as Mereoni and I planned it, and truly, we would not change one thing, even if we could, and finance came in as we went along, and when finished, it was all paid for PTL. Mereoni started “Home Schooling” Mary-jo and Jeke, and Itu our 18 year old finished year 12, so he help on the bus, and is now looking to do a two year Bible course, as we travel. This bus has been truly one of the high-lights as it just continues to be a blessing in so many ways.

We were just finished in time to run from Syd to Shepparton Vic for Easter, where we held a Convention/Seminar, We were located on a river bank, min a camp site. the meetins were held in a large tent, and many camped on site, as we did with our new bus. What a difference. have the bus, after camping on a swag for many years, and then living out of trunk/boot of a car/4×4 for years also. We had a great time of ministry, and many Vic Pastors were involved in the evening meetings. I will have to shorten this a little, as the whole year seems to be High-lights, so I will stick to the main events.
Just visiting our works and seeing what the Lord is doing in these remote Out- back areas, are the real High-lights, as this is the results of the major events, like our Seminars, and “Leadership Training” and Missionary Training, and training our Aboriginal Pastors and leaders, and this is all good but, the resaults of all this is what it is all about. Halls Creek Convention/Seminar was a great success, and I sent Ps Karmeel’s report on that which was a good one, and then to Coen in The Cape York, Qld, and the next Seminar after Coen was Wilcannia NSW. In between these Seminars, we are ministry in many of our AAO works, and visiting some of our Supporting Churches, which we love doing, as this gives a chance to thank them, and to share on the work, as we go.

This Year 2009.

We have much on this year, and we are on the job right from the start, working with the Leadership at Shepparton Vic, to see this good Aboriginal work continue to touch Aboriginal and others from the “Bronx” of the State, and that area. We have been working with the district guy’s as well re; that work and setting things in place for a great year a head. On to Ceduna SA. doing ministry in one of the Most Aboriginal Towns in the State, and planning a head for a Seminar there later in the year. We are in Cooper Pedy, as the missionary/Pastor here has asked for help. We have a big year as we are looking at setting up a new structure for AAO, as the National Executive have made a move to take Indigenous ministry from under our World Missions, and but it under their over-sight, and they have asked us to incorporate AAO, and to work with them from there, and this is not a little move as we have been with AOG/WM from the start, however they are saying we are not “Oversea’s Missions” so we should be the responsibility of the whole fellowship, not just a missions department, they say, it is because of the importance of the Aboriginal situation. It will be still the most important Mission Field, and we will be up-holding a full on Cross-culture mission thrust. we will keep you informed on the development of all this, as it unfolds. This new move will give us a structure that will be set in place to take us into the future, and this is something I have been working towards for sometime.

We are planning many Conventions/ Seminars holding one in every State on the mainland, none in Tassie as yet, but we are looking at something there in the future. Church Planting is still our overall goal, that is to plant as many Aboriginal Churches as we can, and with Aboriginal Leaders in training, and some potential missionaries in the “pipeline” we are looking at a great year in 2009.

The dates in the following photos are not accurate. These are new photos with older dates.


Max and Mereoni.


An outdoor altar-call.


New folks in the Jesus’ family.



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