URGENT! Our beloved Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Floods!

In the worst flooding in the recorded history of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou has flooded.  In the floods, five people have died and  thousands are without food, shelter, safe water, and sanitation.  Please be in prayer.  Please go to our online donation page and give generously to Burkina now and please bring an extra financial gift for Burkina to the services this weekend.

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Here is Joany’s email to me.

Kent, this how  our (your) city of Ouagadougou was under water Tuesday.
Floods, following heavy rains in the city of Ouagadougou, have claimed five
lives and destroyed properties, smashed bridges and decimated buildings in
the capital, including the city’s main hospital and the evangelical medical
center. Over than 150,000 left homeless in Ouagadougou .A lot has lost
everything. Many brothers and sisters lost their belongings. Churches
buildings are damaged . In our church we have for the moment 5 families who
lost their houses. In my relatives the family where our children stayed two
years while Pascaline and I were in the Bible school in England lost their
house. 7 others relatives families lost their houses. I m thank full to God
because no life is claimed in our church and among my relatives. We need
your prayer. The very real big question is how can they be able to rebuild a
house with nothing in such poor country like Burkina?
But the immediate question is where they will stay what they will eat? We
need your prayer we need your compassion.
I m sending you more picture to see how great is the damage.
Your brother Joany

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