Vanchai Aree Honored

Rev. Chris Raymond’s Multi-language service team led the most glorious memorial service for brother Vanchai Aree. Ang led the congregation in singing “Amazing Grace”, “Does Jesus Care,” and “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.” Chris presented a loving message of the great value of not looking to the past but of building your house upon the Rock for a bright future.

Dale Baker had done much work on the ambiance of the multi-language sanctuary and some very nice finishing touches were added by James and Fay. The room is looking very nice and generates a strong feeling of Christian hospitality.

About fifteen people requested our welcome home ministry booklet from Mark and Mike.

The one hour service was deeply rewarding and meaningful.


Vanchai Aree


Brother Ang leading the service.


The right side of the congregation.


Bro. Chris calling all to the “Built Upon the Rock” life.


Pastor Pam comforting Vanchai’s daughter.

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