Veteran’s Day: A reflection on “free space.”

“How much free space do you have?” My friend asked me this afternoon. His question was formulated for the purpose of solving computer issues I have been experiencing lately but his question got me thinking about Veteran’s Day.

On a scale far grander than a mere hard drive, veterans have provided for me a world of “free space.” Since the entire scope of my life is influenced by this space in which I have liberty and freedom, there can be no part of my existence that hasn’t been impacted by a veteran.

In this “free space” my parents had the ability to chose to marry each other, start a family, and have three children. I am the third, who wouldn’t have been allowed life in those countries that have limited free space.

In this “free space” the evangelist was at liberty to preach the salvation message and there were no hindrances to stop me from following Christ with my whole heart.

In this “free space” I have taken a bride, raised a family, and built my life and ministry.

In this “free space” I am able to blog without fear. In a sense, I own a publishing company. My publishing company has no employees, no office, and only two pieces of equipment. my computer and internet access. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of other “publishing” tools allow my tiny company to operate. Years ago I heard a sentence that has impacted my involvement in blogging and writing: “Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”

Veterans are responsible for my opportunity to own one.

Jesus left his homeland to fight a battle on earth that changed history both future and past. As a Veteran of Foreign War, Jesus paid the ultimate price for a different kind of free space. His free space isn’t just geographical and in time and space. The free space He provided is for the core of the human spirit and soul. The people living in His free space are free, free indeed.

“How much free space do I have?” I don’t know because it isn’t measured in bytes and gigs. But I know that I have a bunch of Veterans to thank!

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