Visit the Land of the Bible

Have you ever dreamed of walking in the footsteps of Jesus, Mary, Paul, and Peter? Would you totally enjoy……….

Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane? Receiving Holy Communion in the garden near the Garden Tomb? Stand where David fought Goliath? Swim in the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, and Red Sea (The Med, Dead, and Red), Stand on Mt. Calvary, pray on Temple Mount?

All of these and more are scheduled for our journey of a lifetime Holy Land Tour on June 18-30, 2010. The cost is $4,175 per person from Seattle. The hotels we have scheduled in Israel are extremely nice, like the La Meridian at the Dead Sea and the Sheraton in Jerusalem. Three nights will be enjoyed at accomodations on the Sea of Galilee and an evening at a hotel on the Mediterranean at Dan Cesarea.

In addition to all of this totally great stuff, you will get to learn from Dr. Joe Fuiten. Joe has forgotten more about Israel than I may ever know.

I have a brochure about this journey, but I can’t get it to load on the blog. I will try to get it uploaded soon.

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