Volunteers Add Value

I read The Chronicle of Philanthropy and enjoy the insight into donors, donations, volunteerism, grants, endowments, and many other philanthropic notions.

In the most recent publication, Heather Joslyn reports on the value of an hour of donated time.

“The average monetary value of time donated by volunteers was $20.25 per hour in 2008, according to a new study by Independent Sector, in Washington, a coalition of major charities and foundations.”

The MCA mission is almost exclusively accomplished through volunteer work and ministry hours.  Imagine the value of the multitude of hours given is service of our Lord.

Let’s say that 1,000 MCA-ers volunteer 2 hours each week for 52 weeks a year.  The financial value of the volunteer hours is $2,106,000.

Your gift of volunteering is valuable.

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