Wal Mart Site Plan Meeting

Our newest corporate neighbor will be Wal Mart and Sam’s Club. There has been a great deal of community involvement in the site plan, appearance, landscaping, and the good and bad of Wal Mart.

We haven’t been very involved in the process because we can’t speak with one voice for our congregation. Some in our church would be opposed and others are actually very excited to have a Wal Mart next door. God didn’t call me to fight for or against these types of situations.

However, I have been praying for economic development in East Anchorage. Wow! Has that started rolling big time. Wal Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walgreen’s are all headed to our side of town.

I am wondering if these Big Box stores tithe :0)?

Tonight I attended a meeting with WalMart leaders and east Anchorage residents. Seems to me that the Bible teaches that we are to love our neighbors, and that will include one of the largest corporations on the planet.

The East Anchorage WalMart will be one of the very first new style stores in the US. Should be fun to see develop.


WalMart personnel presenting their plan.

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