Want to Serve as an Usher?

Just received this from Randy (one of our 9:15 ushers).

Pastor Kent,

I thought you might want to know that I went to the best usher’s meeting ever, maybe the best meeting of all time, on Bill’s boat the yet unnamed “FISHING FRIENDZY”. I don’t know how I became so blessed so to link up with such a great guy. WOW if i could get myself adopted, … well maybe thats just silly. But anyway we had the best day fishing ( I mean Usher meeting ) ever, even with cloudy skies, drizzle, and traffic tie-ups that took hours out of the day. Larry, Jon and I joined Bill in Seward and just totally enjoyed God’s blessing and Bill’s boat. Bill kept us on top of the fish and we all caught that magic fish called The Limit. We were blessed with gentle seas and cool weather. Bill has the knack for showing everyone a great time. While we were only there for 15 or 20 minutes, my watch said it  was already 3 o’clock and we had been catching silvers for 6 hours. My watch is gong into the shop soon. Anyway I just wanted to confirm what you probably already know. The Ushers meeting was a huge success. We all voted to nominate Bill for Sainthood as soon as we find the appropriate forms. Would you be willing to send them to the appropriate department in Springfield for us?

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