Watch College Football at Element

MCA’s ever cool, rad, and totally “sick,” Howard Hansen, Lady Lynn Aleshire, and Sir Kevin Aleshire, are making Element “the bomb.”  The addition of cable television, five flat screens, and an occasional Wii, PS2, or PS3, help make the room a party headquarters for the MCA family.

Yes, it is the happiest season of the year for two reasons:  1.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus.  2.  College football bowl games.

Now, the birth of Jesus has no close second.  It stands alone as the reason for the season……and He was born for you.  So, in a sense, you are the reason for the season.  God loves you and sent his Son for your benefit.

Way, way down the line is college football.

I am planning to watch several bowl games at Element.  There are 31 bowl games, so we need to select the games we want to watch.  My proposal is as follows:

1.  The Rose Bowl on January 1.  Let’s watch as Oregon continues Ohio States bowl woes.  I predict Oregon wins by 3.

2.  The Sugar Bowl on January 1.  Could it be that Cincinnati takes down Florida or is it Tebow time?

3.  The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on January 4.  Yep, it’s time for Boise to teach TCU a thing ortwo.

4.  BCS National Championship on January 7.  Good bye ‘bama.  I’m cheering for Texas all the way.

If you want to request other games, please let me know.

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