Water Church

All right. I’ll admit it. I am out of touch with the happening cultural gig. But you have to admit that there is a way around such grouchy guys like me.

I won’t let our youth ministry play with guns. Any kind of play, with any kind of gun. To me, guns are serious weapons designed for specific purposes, one of which is not play.

Further, I don’t think the word fight is something we honor and play around with. A fight is a serious deal. Someone wins. Someone loses. Usually, someone gets hurt.

Well, this narrow definition of guns and fighting takes out the possibility, totally destroys the chance, eliminates from the planet such things as water gun fights.

Enter Pastor Billy and his crew of nouveau, creative, cutting edge geniuses like Pastor Greg.

Tonight was the Youth Ministries Water Emitter Contest. Those things in the teens hands vaguely resembled water guns, but I have been assured that they are not guns at all…………..they are water emitters.



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