We Care Ministries

Valerie Burgess directs the MCA We Care Ministry.  We Care continues the ministry of Jesus in our world today by taking the Gospel to people in the Pioneer Home, Highland Correctional, Mary Conrad, and several other locations.  God has blessed Valerie and the team a greatly.  Many have come to commitment to Christ and are continuing in discipleship.

Val has been speaking with MCA friend, Ed Ash.  Ed is part of the extended MCA family and is serving at the St. Elias Hospital as chaplain.  The patients in the St. Elias seem to really enjoy Ed’s ministry and are very welcoming to him.

Ed and Val are contemplating the planting of a weekend worship service in one of the day rooms at the hospital.  Ed invited me over to the hospital to walk through and see what they are doing.  My report of the walk through is very positive.  These care givers are doing an excellent work in a superb environment.

If you are interested in assisting in planting a new weekend service, please let Val know.


The one and only Chaplain Ed Ash.


The day room that may be available for a weekend worship service.

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