We Remember: Memorial Day 2008

Memory has a way of bringing life to things that are long past. Your memory can be a loving friend who walks with you into your future. Today I visited the gravesides of many dear friends. I walked through Angelus Memorial Cemetery remembering some of the best friends God ever placed on the planet.

Today was a great day. One of the best in the history of days.

I heard Neale Sheneman say, “Faith cometh. It always comes!” Jack Butt dropped off several gallons of his delicious soup and a Lionel railroad car for our train set. Harold Decker was inviting MCA guests to fill out the Pastoral Care Card in order to receive the most phenomenal pen on the planet. Rex Ketchum served up one of his high speed racquetball serves to my backhand. June Nordby was reminding me of how fantastic heaven will be.

What a day. Clinton Fick told me another animal story. Ida thumped me good in a game of Balderdash. Grandpa Compton called and prayed for God’s anointing on his posterity. Greg Thies handed out MCA bulletins with the biggest hospitality smile you have ever seen.

Sure it was in my memory. None of the above actually happened today in my outer world but everything was so real in my recollection.

Following are some of the graves I enjoyed visiting today. I didn’t get photos of all that I visited and there are so many that I was unable to visit.

Happy Memorial Day











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