Wednesday what???

That’s right.  No doubt.  Without question.  MCA still has the tried and true Wednesday evening ministry buffet.  There are activities and lessons for all ages.  Pastor Pam is teaching Biblical truth from popular movie heroes.  The Youth are developing their ministry skills with training in human videos, drama, and worship music.  And me?

I teach Wednesday in the Word.  We are currently in a study of God.  Let’s just say the subject dwarfs, entirely, the teacher.  None the less we carry on.  Talking about God is among my favorite things to do.

Following our time together in study, we receive Holy Communion.  Yep.  Holy Communion is served weekly at MCA.

During the Communion portion of the service we have time for you to pray.  I loved seeing Chuck and his father in law kneel in prayer near each other.  So, I took this photo.


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