Weekend Care Cards

Your MCA pastoral and leadership team loves and cares for you.  We do our best to have as many access points as possible.  When sheep can’t find their shepherd everything is a bit unsettled.  Each team member has email, voice mail, text messaging, cell phone, and some understand smoke signals.  We are here for you.

One of the most helpful, easy, and simple communication devices is your weekend Pastoral Care Card.  It is a simple instrument designed to get vital information from you to your pastoral team.

We learn of things from an upcoming surgery, birth of a child, move from one neighborhood to another, graduation, promotion, award, room temperature, too bright or not bright enough, liked the coffee or didn’t, and hundreds of other pieces of wisdom.

Most commonly, we receive prayer requests on the care card.

We love hearing from you.

The following was on a care card from yesterdays services.

I made a deal with my mom, if she would stop drinking, I would go to church with her.  This is my first day of church in over 6 years.  I would like to attend more but I also want my mother to stop drinking alcohol.

Let’s pray and watch God work in this gentleman and in his mother’s life.

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