Weekend Response Format

WOW!  What response we have been seeing in the weekend worship gatherings.  In order to prioritize the teaching of the Bible, we have moved the Bible lesson 15 minutes earlier in the service schedule.  The Bible teaching is followed by a response time of worship.  In this worship time, people are welcome to go to the Holy Communion tables located in several strategic places in each venue.  Once there, they receive the bread and juice, representing the Body and blood of our Lord.  Additionally, they may leave a prayer sticky note on the cross.

The prayer requests are fantastic.  Reading the hopes, dreams, prayers, fears, and needs of our people is deeply moving.  After praying over the list of needs, I sense a greater shepherd/flock connection, giving me greater understanding, compassion, and sympathy, and increasing my awareness of what messages will be helpful.

I love this church.

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