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Resurrection Sunday services became a place of life transformation! In the day services thirteen people let me know that they placed their trust in Jesus for salvation and asked me to call them for further ministry. In the 7 PM service we received sixty-one information cards from people who placed their total faith in Jesus.

A word to those of you who recently trusted in Jesus for salvation.

Your life is now in the “new creation” zone. Trusting in Jesus entirely changes your inward person. The you without Jesus has died and the new you with Jesus is fully alive. The former you was living in death and journeying toward eternal death. You have now, by the work of Jesus, passed from that death into Jesus’ resurrection life.

I have a couple of suggestions for your new life and two things that I feel are commandments from your new Lord.

First, the commandments. According to the Bible, you must be baptized in water and regularly receive Holy Communion. Water Baptism and Holy Communion are not things that lead to salvation because salvation is through the Person and work of Jesus. Part of the evidence of your salvation, however, is a new desire to obey Him.

There are several things you can do to encourage this new you.

First, and very important, is for you to surround yourself with fired up Jesus followers. Often these sold out Jesus followers are found in a strong Bible teaching and believing local church.

Second, tell several people about your new life in Jesus. Telling your experience with Jesus to your friends and family members helps to solidify your decision to trust in Jesus.

Third, begin to read the Gospel of John. If you received one of our New Life Portfolios, the Gospel of John is included and is called, “The Journey.”

We have gentle and kind folks ready to talk with you. Give us a call at 907 337-9495 and let us know that you would love to chat.

Welcome to the family.

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