What a Party!

Your MCA worship community pulled out all of the stops for the 2009 Freedom Celebration.  A ton of thank you shouts must be given.

1.  James Tyler, Fred Downs, Deb Yazzie, Dale Baker, and Mark Burgess led their teams into the perfect setup.  Everything was done timely, joyfully, and efficiently.  Mark’s work on providing the petting zoo and pony rides made a bunch of memories for our guests.

2.  Heidi Fields coordinated the various talent acts who performed on center stage.  Each one was unique, interesting, and highly skilled.

3.  Mike Fields and team provided all of the cooking, food management, and beverage supply.  This team kept the food lines down to 0nly about 20 people.  Fast food, on an event like this, keeps the guests happy.

4.  Pam Hodges and Fay Niemann teamed up to provide a ton of fun options for the younger set.  The games, face painting, snow cones, cotton candy, and miscellaneous other things provided a tremendous time for our guests.

5.  Many other people are deserving of great appreciation.






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