What about the health of your pastoral team?

The growth of the MCA church planting and growth network has greatly expanded the number of pastors within our influence.  Our venue ministry has increased the number of MCA folks involved in pastoral stress issues.  The number of ministers, both at home and abroad, for whom we have some measure of accountability is growing.

Unfortunately the statistics that are being released are not positive in regard to pastoral physical and spiritual health.  As a worship community commited to the well being of our leadership teams, we must give thought and emphasis on enhancing our pastoral team’s mental and physical health.

Pastor Joany and his pastoral team, Pastor Max and team, Pastor Sebastiaan and team, Pastor Dan Johnson and team, and all of the MCA pastors, venue leads, worship leads, and service leads are counting on us to create a space in which their health can excel.

Please direct your web browser here for a tremendous article on pastoral health.

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