What is your R & R score? (Results and Relationships)

I love these fishing stories. What is an Alaskan summer with out an “I caught a Bow Head Whale on my fly rod!” stories? Randy just submitted this tremendous account of “Fishing with Randy, Larry, and Bill.”

Good Morning Pastor,
I just got home from the best day of fishing ever. Bill invited Larry and me to go fishing with him in Seward. As you well know fishing with Bill is legendary so I could hardly sleep the night before. At 4 a m I picked up Larry and we hit the road. Larry and I are both ushers during Bill’s shift at the 9 o’clock service in Live but we hardly ever get to talk for any amount of time. During the drive down we really got the chance to get to know each other. He makes great ginger cookies. When we got to Seward and found Bill we were off. Bill must be in good terms with the Lord because the weather was nice and the seas were calm. ( Thank you Lord.) It was a beautiful day.

Bill had arranged for a 10 o’clock whale show which had a humpback doing all the tricks you see on National Geographic. We saw an eagle swoop down to the water only to be chased off by a seagull. It was something I won’t forget.

When the fishing slowed a little we told and heard stories about Pastor Fick, Ida Sheneman, Joe Oskolkoff, and stories about fishing trips we had taken a long time ago. The fish really seemed to hit the best when we talked politics. Funny, maybe the fish know something we don’t.

After awhile Bill said that the last fish we had caught was “Our Limit” and we had to stop. I had always heard of that special fish but had never caught one before. Unfortunately that fish meant that our day was over and we had to go home after we cleaned them and put them on ice. After a few more ginger cookies I dropped Larry off and made it home by 9 o’clock.

So for the R and R scoreboard…
Relationships 3
Results 20 silvers.
That is a real win win situation.


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