What’s the Big Deal? God’s Covenants!

If the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11: 3-4

• “What’s the Big Deal?” is designed to bring biblical conversation to the foundations that are currently under attack in your world today.
• Jesus didn’t shy away from the big deals of early first century Judaism. Matthew 23:13-37
• Simply because God exists there are big deals. His character and nature establish right from wrong, good from bad, moral from immoral, pleasing to God and not pleasing to God. God is the Big Deal!

God Selected Covenants

• When God created human beings (Genesis 1:26, 27) He established His modality of relationship to be through covenants.
• God’s covenants are the Big Deal! Therefore, understanding how covenants work is very helpful and even essential.
• A covenant was cut on behalf of the stronger with the weaker, the conqueror and the conquered.

There are Four Major Components to a Covenant
1. Covenant Oath Swearing. 2. Covenant Blessings. 3. Covenant Signs. 4. Covenant Obligations.

God Cut Eight Core Covenants in the Bible gods-new-covenant

1. Adam Tree of Life Genesis 1:28-30, Genesis 2:15-17
2. Noah Rainbow Genesis 6:18; 9:9-17; Genesis 9:8-9
3. Abraham Circumcision Genesis 12:3; 15:1-18; 17:1-20; Ex. 2:24
4. Moses and Israel Ark of Covenant Exodus 19-24; 34:10, 27, 28; Dt. 5:2-3
Ten Commandments
5. Aaron and Sons Salt Exodus 40:15; Lev. 2:13; Numbers 18:19
6. Phineas Seamless Robe Numbers 25:11-15
7. David Throne and Temple 2 Samuel 7:11-17; 2 Samuel 23:5
8. Jesus The Cross Is. 55:3;Jer. 31:31-34;Lk. 22:20;1Cr. 11:25

Covenants are an Official Form of Relationship

It is often said, “It isn’t religion! It is a relationship with Jesus!” WRONG! We are invited into a covenant relationship with God. This is very important! 1. God has cut a covenant, through Jesus, with all humans. 2. You are either keeping or breaking God’s covenant with you.

Today is the best day to become a covenant keeper:
1. Declare a covenant oath to God.
2. Receive the New Covenant signs of Holy Communion and Water Baptism.
3. Learn and live the New Covenant Obligations.
4. Experience the New Covenant promised blessings.

God’s covenant with humanity is one of the foundations being attacked. Today, start or strengthen your participation in God’s New Covenant.

Base image by Heather Stanley – Twelvebaskets

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