Who Needs a Pastor Anyway?

There is a significant change in our culture about the ministry of the Pastor.  Who is leading the charge on the redefinition of the Pastor?  Senior Pastors.
My challenge with the redefinition is that I feel the Pastoral ministry is rather substantially revealed in Holy Scripture.

Not too long ago a friend of mine said, “Kent, you are my pastor, I have never met the Senior Pastor of the church I attend.”

Is there a Biblical model for pastoral ministry?  Are pastor’s unnecessary today?  Do Jesus followers need the pastor ministry in their lives today?

One of the arguments says, “If we pastor according to the Holy Scripture, we can’t grow super huge mega churches!”

Is part of the lack of maturity, evangelism, and holiness in the American church partially the result of being under-pastored?
Components of Pastor as Shepherd (Psalm 23)

1.    “My”  There is a clear knowledge by both the pastor and parishioner that they belong to each other.
2.    “Makes”  There are those things which the relationship allows the pastor to make/encourage/insist upon.
3.    “Leads”  Both the shepherd and the parishioner understand that the pastor’s role includes leading.
4.    “Restores”  The ministry of the shepherd includes restoring to wholeness.
5.    “Guides”  The shepherd commits to guide, through thick or thin.
6.    “Walk/With”  There is a walking together down life’s journey.
7.    “Prepare”  The shepherd commits to preparing things for wholeness.
8.    “Anoints”  The shepherd blesses, anoints, and releases.

This kind of shepherd/sheep relationship is followed, all the days of your life, with goodness and mercy.  Both the sheep and shepherd dwell in the house together foreve.

In my opinion, everyone needs this kind of pastor.

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