It is a delight to converse with you here. From whatever part of the world you are joining us, thank you. Your presence is a delight.

I hope we can have a continuing conversation about living a Jesus life in our world of today. The Lord willing, I will be fully disconnected from the Facebook platform, You Tube, and other companies that I perceive are working against the Gospel of Jesus in our world. In these end times, my personal need is for more Word, prayer, and time in the Presence of the Almighty.

I don’t see the world through the same lens as most of my pastoral colleagues. My perception is that a last days’ deception of gigantic proportion is seeking to blind the minds of our generation to the spiritual realities in our world of today. For example, I perceive an anti-Christ spirit weaving it’s tentacles around the entire globe while many of us rationalize away the word of God. I am asking God to help me have oil in my lamp, to be wide awake, and to be found serving when He returns.

Several months ago, i sensed the calling to be a watchman on the wall for the people within the scope of my lead. I truly didn’t realize the weight of what I sensed the Lord assigning to me. I’ll keep my eyes open in the word, fasting, and prayer. I perceive a calling from the Lord to prepare for an exceptionally difficult time ahead for many conservative followers of Jesus.

However, God’s promises are life-giving and sustaining and those who endure to the end shall be saved (Mathew 24:13). The Holy Spirit is actively revealing concerns, warnings, and exhortations to “him that hath an ear.” We must not fall into deep spiritual slumber. The time for us to be vigilant is now.

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