Wonderful Weekend

MCA enjoyed the worship of God, the teaching of scripture, and the unity of the Body of Christ in our weekend gatherings. The MCA Greatest Hits Saturday evening service featured a challenging message about how personal conflict develops within a Jesus follower the faith to believe God for loved ones who are without Christ.

Sunday’s services featured compelling worship services and a lesson about seeing ourselves as “rocks” upon whom God is establishing His church.  We have been encouraged to carry a small rock in our pocket this week to remind us that we are rocks upon whom God is building His church.  Dream a dream for your part in the church.  Your “rock dream” matters to you and to the Church.  To view the You Tube video shown at the end of the service, please direct your browser here.

MCA has been privileged to worship with Dr. Diallo from Burkina Faso.  Dr. Diallo is from one of the least reached people groups on the planet.  He is a Fulani.  I doubt we understand the significance of hosting a Fulani Christian in our midst.  May the Lord reveal the deeper reasons He has for bringing Dr. Diallo to Anchorage to continue his medical training.  There is more in this than meets the eye.

Special thanks goes out to those who returned to the weekend services from their attendance in the Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames drama.  302 people responded to the invitations to receive Christ as Lord.  Several of these dear friends were back in worship services with us.  Welcome!

I trust that the weekend ministry, as graced by the Holy Spirit, equipped you for your week of ministry.   Don’t forget to dream big “rock dreams” for your life.

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