Words Aren’t Enough

“For God so loved the world” are nice words that would have very little meaning apart from the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Meaning is created when word becomes flesh.

People by the millions are totally worn out by flesh-less words.  Standard slogans without the substance are trivial vocal mutterings.  “How are you today?” can be either a life-giving question or another unmeant and flesh-less verbalization.

My hope isn’t to have only my wife’s and children’s words, but to have their hearts too.

On the other hand, flesh must become word.  There is no way of knowing that you have someone’s heart apart from communication.  Granted, there are many forms of communication but the most common, and often the most powerful, is words.

In the case of Jesus, He was Word first and flesh second.  In our case we are flesh first and word second.  When we are born we are flesh that must learn to talk.  When Jesus was born He was Word who had to become comfortable being Flesh.

What would happen if we could honestly say, “Today I declare that I love you. But words are not enough.  Word must become flesh.  So with these words I give you my flesh.  My heart, soul, mind, and strength are yours.”

Does God love us?  How do we know for sure?

Listen to His Word AND look in the manger.

Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection are the evidence that “God so loved….”

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