World Blindness

Within minutes of the World Vision announcement (they will employ people in same sex marriages) I began to receive requests for guidance. I have only had a few hours to give this question thought, but I want to get an early voice into the conversation.

The primary issue for me, is not that World Vision has decided to employ people in same sex marriages, but as a (former) ministry, they intentionally and knowingly approve of a non-Biblical sexuality, use the money of Bible conscious Christians to do so, and have the audacity to tell their donors that their decision is for the unity of Jesus’ Church. The primary issue for me is that World Vision claims to be Christian. This isn’t an accidental decision. It is an intentional rebuke to God’s word, the words of Jesus, and the teaching of the entire body of Scripture.

When I purchased my computer I didn’t ask if everyone involved in making my device follows Christian principles or if all of the employees of the store hold to a Biblical morality. Of course not. Non-Christian companies are not required nor expected to hold to Christian principles. Apple has always claimed to be an almost anti-Christian corporation. Starbucks officially disdains the Biblical teaching on sexuality. Worldly corporations will be worldly. In fact, I am not sure they can be anything else.

I hold Christian ministries to a higher and different standard.

May I take this opportunity to apologize to those of you that pledged to support children through World Vision because I opened MCA Church’s pulpit and platform to them many years ago. I had no idea that the leadership of this former ministry were uncommitted to the obvious teaching of Jesus and the Bible.

As you navigate your emotions, feeling let down, betrayed, dropped, may I encourage you to remain faithful to Scripture above the emotional condemnation World Vision will attempt to pour upon you. “What? We try to unify the Body of Christ and you drop a poor and needy child?”

God did not call you to support World Vision. He called you to make a difference in a child’s life. There are many ways to continue to make the difference God called you to make without supporting a twisted view of Scripture and an intentional flipping off of our Lord.

One of the most deficient arguments that Christians present on these pressing ethical and moral issues is, “Pastor Kent, I don’t agree with abortion, alternative sexualities, and changing the definition of marriage, but I approve of people having these options. I would never have gay sex, but I approve of other people having freedom of choice.”

Oh, really?

Let’s consider a Bible passage specifically suited for this conversation.

Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. Romans 1:32

“But give approval to those who practice them.” God’s word bans me from approving those who practice such things! According to God’s word, I can not approve. Approval, in essence, makes me a participating partner in the sin. Was the Apostle Paul guilty of killing Stephen? Yes. We have no record of Paul throwing stones and crushing Stephen’s life from him. Paul was guilty of holding the garments, in approval, of those who actually threw the stones. Consent and approval is participation. Paul was guilty.

I am fully convinced that God loves the sponsored children more than World Vision does. He is faithful. The children you formerly sponsored will be cared for by our loving God through you in creative and new ways.

World Vision wants people to think that they are the only, best, and most important “ministry” in the world today providing care to children. Wrong. God is the Loving Father who will care for these children through people and ministries faithful to Him.

With my experience around the world I am 100 percent confident that God has terrific genuine ministry in place for the children you sponsor. My advice? Step away from World Vision and step into a child sponsorship program that honors God.

Will God bless World Vision? Then why should you?

World vision has become World Blindness.

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