Would you like to be the President of the United States?

Nope.  No thanks.  Way, way, way over my head.

I am having a hard time getting my kids to keep their rooms clean.  I don’t think I can handle the Putins, Sudans, Iranians, and Osamas of the world (not to mention that North Korean dude).  In fact, I am sure I don’t want to handle them.

It must be a special gifting and calling.  Think of the pressure.  Imagine the restraints you must chose for power.  Conceive of the needs you must ignore and the opportunities just beyond your grasp.

In spite of all this, we have enjoyed some of the greatest humans to ever walk this planet as our Commander and Chief.  Presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Bush reveal to us the gigantic capacities God has woven into the tapestry of humanity.  Whatever your view of these Presidents, you must admit that they exemplified an almost superhuman tenacity, stamina, will, vision, and personal power.

I fully respect the office of President of the United States of America.  My hat is off to each and every President.  However, most Presidents, like President George W. Bush, have another relationship with me that I enjoy a great deal.

Did you know that George W. Bush is my brother?  Really.  No kidding.  I am not pulling your leg.  We have the same Father and his Older Brother and my Older Brother are the same Guy.

Pretty cool, isn’t it.  By the way, Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan are my brothers too.

Pray for your President today.  It is President’s Day.

PS    I am almost positive he prayed for you today.

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